Pruning and Surgery

We provide a complete tree maintenance service that includes all aspects of arboriculture:

Formative pruning
Tree surgery
Storm damage
Deadwood removal
Crown-lifting and reductions
Tree removal – including sectional dismantling in confined areas
Phoenix palm trimming
Hedge trimming
Root pruning and soil aeration
Stump grinding

We work to modern arboricultural standards using a method called Natural Target Pruning. This technique which was developed following the research of an American Arborist Dr Alex Shigo, works with rather than against the natural defences of the tree.

Highly Trained Arborists

Our Arborists are trained to undertake treework in a diverse range of situations from pruning a small fruit tree through to sectional dismantling a large over-mature tree in a confined location using a crane.


We provide free no obligation quotations for projects of all sizes.

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